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On Saturday 21-04-2018
Dinghy: EOD Spring 1

HW: 17:06 HT: 5.40 Start Line: EYC
EOD: 16:00
On Friday 27-04-2018
Historical Sailing Filmshow 27th April 2018
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Friday 8-11 & Sunday 12-4
unless otherwise stated.

By Ian Burtonshaw

Saturday morning we all met out in the ray around 7.00 am, with six boats from Leigh Sailing Club. Start was at 9.30, with winds North Easterly around 15 knots. Myself in Meg was the first boat over the line at the start . Ideal wind for getting to the south Shoebury buoy, then a broad reach over to Medway number 1.

Two of the fast boats from Benfleet yacht club used their spinnakers which was a lovely sight . At the rear of the fleet our Cruisers were battling it out to get an advantage. Wind started to play up around the Robert Montgomery, when it disappeared leaving me and a Benfleet boat drifting towards it. Not a good feeling….. Luckily it picked up quickly, and we got to the ‘grain edge’ towards low water. This meant us slower boats could get the flood up the Medway. Unfortunately for myself, I didn't read the race instructions properly, and took buoy 17 as the finishing line. So I stayed there for 3 minutes thinking I had finish, just to be overtaken by another boat, that informed me that the finish line was buoy 30! LOL :o). At the end of the race, we all moored up and went ashore for a lovely meal in the Medway yacht club . Below are our boats finishing positions in the slow handicap. 1st Meg Merrily . 1st overall
2nd Mirulune 4th overall
3rd Naiad 6th overall
4th Sheer Magic 7th overall
5th Nimrod 9th overall
Unfortunately Calluna didn't finish Please note, if any member wishes to come along on these Cruiser races, which end-up with a social event ashore after. Please don't be put off by the race tag. You are all welcome to just cruise the race route at your own pace, still following the buoys to the destination. Then you can join in the social event after the race. You can be part of the cruiser, support team! :o)
Next CCS race/Cruise is the ‘Blackwater’ on Saturday 11th /12th of June. We would love to see as many ‘Leigh’ boats as possible. Don't forget also the ‘Stangate’ chilli super weekend 4th /5th of June Happy sailing
Ian Burtonshaw
Cruiser captain