Coming Soon:

On Friday 16-11-2018
Interclub Prize Giving Friday 16th November 8pm
On Saturday 17-11-2018
Party, Party, Party Time Sat 17th November 2018
Note that the bar is normally open
Friday 8-11 & Sunday 12-4
unless otherwise stated.

Regretfully we must announce that this years Dinner Dance on 17th November 2018 has been cancelled due to the lack of ticket sales to date. Whilst it is possible that there would be a late run of numbers wishing to attend this event, we have made this decision to protect the club from any losses that are likely to have been incurred on the catering and entertainment costs.

We are hoping to stage a much more low-key event on the night and hope you can all attend (details to follow).

Anyone who has already paid for tickets should contact the commodore Dave Smith for a full refund.

Again, we are sorry about not being able to execute this event and for any unfulfilled expectations this may cause.

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