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On Saturday 22-12-2018
Dinghy: Winter 9

HW: 11:47 HT: 5.80 Start Line: LSC
All Start: 10:30
On Saturday 22-12-2018
Christmas Sing-a-long 8pm Saturday 22rd December 2018
On Sunday 23-12-2018
Dinghy: Winter 10

HW: 12:35 HT: 6.00 Start Line: EYC
All Start: 11:00

It has suggested that we run another racing rules session. Last year we used "mock protests" as examples of both racing incidents and the protest process. If anyone has had anything suitable, could they write it up on a protest form and send to me? Alternatively, perhaps our rule observance is now perfect..... If there are no incidents, perhaps something on rule 42?

John Charles  

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