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On Saturday 22-12-2018
Dinghy: Winter 9

HW: 11:47 HT: 5.80 Start Line: LSC
All Start: 10:30
On Saturday 22-12-2018
Christmas Sing-a-long 8pm Saturday 22rd December 2018
On Sunday 23-12-2018
Dinghy: Winter 10

HW: 12:35 HT: 6.00 Start Line: EYC
All Start: 11:00

For those that are interested, the 2017 version of the racing rules can be found on the World Sailing website.  The RYA have published a summary in a guidance document which is attached, see page 18.

Download this file (RYA Racing Rules Guidance Book - 12 16.pdf)RYA Rules Guidance[ ]2407 kB